“I was feeling high stress and full of anxiety, however, Levon was straight forward and to the point. He set me at ease by the tone in his responses to my questions.” –Consumer, PFC

“Shoutout to Dylan S. Extremely helpful. This guy is probably the best worker there I’ve had the pleasure to talk to. Extremely helpful.” –Consumer, PFC

“PFC has done a great job in getting our old collection accounts collected. We recently resubmitted accounts that we recalled from our previous collection company (some are years old) and are getting a GREAT response! Thrilled with the level of collections and effort PFC has put into getting these cleared up. Great job – thank you!” – City of Greeley

“It is wonderful to have a long-standing relationship with PFC. I’ve been with our business for 26 years and our family has always used your team. Thank you for all that you do!” –Ace Hardware

“Simple and easy to use online payment portal.” –Consumer, PFC

“We LOVE working with all of you (at PFC)” -Panorama Orthopedics

“Very easy to work with. Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful with any concerns, questions we may have.” -Central Iowa Healthcare – Clinics

“The legal and compliance teams are very up to date or ahead of others in the industry and they share the knowledge with their clients.” -Zotec Partners

“Everyone is willing to help. They respond quickly and they will help without hesitation. I will continue to work with PFC and enjoy it I believe we make a good team to try to resolve debt.” – GeoGroup Reentry Services

“Everyone is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Highly recommended!” -City of Wichita

“I am very impressed with the quick response to my issue and appreciate being assigned new representatives.” -Spanish Peaks Regional HealthCenter

“Clients services always does a great job and always responds to my needs!” -Boulder Community Health

“Employees are acknowledged for their accomplishments and the time they have put into the company. Monthly companywide meetings help build a PFC community, and a friendly good morning from the CEO provides everyone here with a sense of belonging.” – Kim, PFC

“Personally, this industry has provided me with far more than I could ever repay – it rewards people who invest the time, energy and commitment levels to prosper and grow professionally. Not many companies can boast of building discipline and character while providing the means necessary to support one’s family and achieve personal goals like the collection industry has. I am very proud of the company I work for – not only for the services we provide to clients and consumers, but also for their civic responsibility.” – Jerry, PFC

“I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most talented, bright, passionate, and compassionate people that I have ever met while working for PFC. Some of these people have worked at PFC for over 40 years and many have tenures exceeding 20 years. This simply cannot occur at any business, let alone a collection agency, unless the leadership of the organization commits to doing business in a fair and ethical manner.” – Nick, PFC

“During our contact with PFC, Jeremy (Attorney Liaison) was professional, responsive, and always pleasant. Having worked with debt collectors before, Jeremy was the nicest and most responsive collections representative I’ve ever dealt with— I really appreciate it!”b–Law Firm, Greenwood Village, CO

“Whenever working with PFC, I always appreciate Jeremy’s (Attorney Liaison) professionalism, responsiveness, and understanding of team work and look forward to working with him—which cannot be said for all collection agencies.” –Litigation Practice, Denver, CO

“I wanted to compliment Trudy for being, professional and compassionate during the call! Trudy was very courteous throughout the whole call and I was able to resolve my balance with PFC. I’ve been dealing with many medical issues and Trudy was very helpful and understanding of my situation.” –Consumer, PFC

“I was very impressed with how nice and professional Mayra was when speaking with her. I had an issue with my health insurance coverage and Mayra was so helpful with explaining in detail the appropriate steps to try to getting this resolved. I enjoyed speaking with Mayra.” –Consumer, PFC

“Both representatives I spoke with were very professional in answering all of my questions regarding my account recently placed in collections. They both were great listeners and were really working to help me to resolve my debt. They were able to negotiate the balance I owed and I was able to pay off my account. Thank you PFC for working with me!” -Consumer , PFC


“After my first day of orientation, I fell in love with not only the role of the job I had taken, but the company as a whole. This company is very welcoming, and truly cares about the well-being of their employees. I have never worked for a company that is so compassionate towards their workers, and will go above and beyond to meet their needs.” –Samantha, FPRS Employee

“Working for PFC has opened up opportunity for me for growth within the company but has also taught me desirable skills and knowledge that are easily transferred should I choose to seek employment elsewhere. Those skills I have gained through the company have opened up even more opportunity for me professionally.” – Shawna, FPRS Employee

“Rayna relieved my fear of being able to pay off my account! She made my day.” –Patient, FPRS

“All of the staff at FPRS are so great to work with – I appreciate how helpful and nice the staff has been to me!” –Patient, FPRS

“The staff at this billing office has great customer service – very sincere and caring towards the patients.” –Patient, FPRS

“I have spoken to your office several times and have never had a bad experience, but Dominique was amazing, she went above and beyond, kind, sincere, patient, professional, and I hope I can talk to her every time I call!” –Patient, FPRS

“Rayna was so kind and respectful. She really went above and beyond to help resolve my account!” –Patient, FPRS

“Kaylei could not have been more pleasant. She was very cordial and very nice. It’s not common that you get that in today’s business world and I appreciate it.”
–Patient, FPRS

“Tammy did a really fantastic job. She really helped me out.” –Patient, FPRS

“I was panicked and concerned about my accounts. Tammy was patient with me and very good. I had a really good experience and she was just a doll.”
–Patient, FPRS

“I appreciated Deffany’s friendly customer service. She was sweet, patient and truly listened to what I had to say.” –Patient, FPRS

“Kaylei did a very good job. She was very nice and very polite.” –Patient, FPRS

“excellent customer service provided to our SMC customers!” – Stillwater Medical Center

“The young lady I spoke with was very nice, very polite, very helpful, and I do appreciate that.” –Patient, FPRS

“I just wanted to give customer service representative an excellent review. She was so helpful and she was just amazing.” –Patient, FPRS

“I wanted to share my praises for Cathy and the excellent customer service that was provided. I had been confused by my different dates of service and had even attempted to have this resolved in person. However, Cathy took the time to explain the balance and help me understand what needs to be paid.” –Patient, FPRS

“Outsourcing to FPRS was a very smart move. They have done a fantastic job and are so easy and helpful to work with.” –Stillwater Medical Center

“The management team at FPRS is experienced and knowledgeable with healthcare collections and is focused on our needs as a provider. This professionalism is also consistent with their patient representatives, as evident by the lack of patient complaints and actual patient compliments from their interaction with our communities. I consider our positive working relationship to be the gold standard of customer service.” –Forrest Health


“We had some concerns with selling our old A/R but knowing that PFC would not be reselling those accounts was very important in our decision process. PFC has been consistently professional, knowledgeable and flexible to meet our needs and, more importantly, those of our patients.” -Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare

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